The Making Of DLSMVC by Fatah

*P/S: Click the image for a large preview :)

this is a making of Dirty Little Secret Music Video Cover by Fatah,
the local video and low quality,
and we are not a pro :)
but we try to get a great video ever,
i shoot for this video only 3 days,
i hope you will enjoy with this video are will come out on 28 or 29 nov 2010 at Fatahero Youtube Chann
Check out him Channel :
you can also see a behind the scene of this video on my YT channel,
before i go, this is some picture to you all can see it :

this song are copyright to TAAR,

wtf, this guy (Fatah) can sleep after drink cendol with me,
this picture have be take on the set of video.

Who hate Justin Bieber ???
haha, i know all girls love JB, but i not hate he,
because that note totally fake,
only on DLSMVC by Fatah.

this is when i make all notes using maker with some book from my school book.

i'm try to be GAY ?, haha. totally i'm straight not gay.

this is all notes on fatah video cover. don't missed it.
to Zul Fadz we have a special notes for you,
you can see it on the right of this all notes :)

this is when i edit him video, over 48 hours to match all video with the song. totally busy :(

* Thumbnail 1
this is some preview from my PC how i edit he video,

*Thumbnail 2
Also this too, last picture.....

Finally, we done.
yeaaaaaahhh, last question: Who hate Justin Bieber ???


Edited + Directed by : Me (Hafiez)
Music + Design : Fatah
Cameraman : Us

See You Again Guys !!!


nursaara9virgo said...

aku,aku benci jb..hehehe.wei hafiz lambat tak kmpter kau nak upload photo???.aku pya kmptr lmbab siot,laju lagi siput,sah tipu,kmptr aku tak lah setruk tu tapi truk lah gak....

Muhammad Hafiz said...

aku punye tak kot, act kau kena tengok die punye mb kat pic tu, if banyak mcam 2mb agak lmbat lah, tapi kalau yg kb tu comfirm laju.....

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